If you are an elderly parent or grandparent who has a child or grandchild who is a UK citizen or holding ILR status, is present and settled in the UK, he or she can sponsor you to settle in the UK. However, there are strict requirements. The applicant must be aged 65 or over. However, if the living circumstances of the parent or grandparent are duly exceptional or compassionate then the age can be lowered.

The elderly parent or grandparent will need to show:

  • Are aged 65 or over
  • Have emotional and financial dependency upon the sponsor
  • Suffer with illness or due to age cannot look after themselves on a daily basis
  • The costs of care is exceeds more in the home country than it would in the UK
  • There has been consistent contact between the sponsor and applicant

The evidence under this category needs to be provided by you to prove your circumstances are true and most importantly there is financial dependency on the sponsor or you are living in the most exceptional circumstances.

Your sponsor will need to show that he or she is able to provide you with accommodation and financial support during your stay in the UK.