Family and Matrimonial issues

At SSC Legal Direct we clearly understand the family issues and matrimonial disputes are very complicated, distressful and painful for everyone in the family including children. This is why our experienced staff approach such cases with very compassion and sensitively. This will become even more serious issues when it relates to children. We always make sure that we give our best interest of the children.  Also when it comes to a matter which relates to financial and property, we ensure our clients achieve the best financial outcome.

SSC Legal Direct is established to provide professional family law service to our clients in London. Whatever we do, we are dedicated to do it well. Therefore, you are in good hands from first instance you contact SSC Legal Direct, as we can listen to you, agree with you and guide you through the right path in order to achieve you the right outcome for you and your children.

We provide our service to Married couples, Unmarried couples, same sex couples and cohabiting couples.

Domestic violence or abuse

No one has to tolerate domestic violence or abuse. No one has to ignore harassment or persistent pestering by the other party. SSC Legal can take the hassle out of your domestic violence matter and advice you and represent you. According to the Family Law Act 1996, we can apply for an injunction on your behalf whether it is Non-Molestation Injunction or an Occupation order at you and your children best interest.

Welfare benefits

UK welfare benefit system can be complicated and confused to most of the families. Our expert legal advisers can assist you throughout the process and ensure our clients receive the benefits that they are entitled. You probably do not understand what benefits you are entitled to or you may have been paid incorrect amount or you may be facing over payment charges. No matter whatever your problem is or how complex is your matter, our dedicated and experienced advisers will help you and advice you throughout the process.