Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK is also known as Permanent Residency. ILR is the last step for any non UK national/citizen to fulfil before becoming eligible to apply for a British Passport.

The main requirement under any category to apply for ILR is to have spent 5 years lawfully in the UK.

You can apply for ILR only 28 days before your visa expiry, but in some cases you may be eligible earlier, please check with one of our advisers.

Other mandatory requirements consist of completing the Life in the UK test for the applicant. However dependents can apply for ILR with ESOL citizenship test result.

The ILR is only granted if you meet the requirements of the visa category that you are applying under. Further, an applicant must not have been outside of UK  for more than the time permitted by the UK Visas and Immigration. Where an applicant has, then his application will be refused.

At SSC Legal Direct, we are experts in ILR and we can advice you the chances of a successful ILR application.